Online Spanish Classes directly into your home!

Thanks to the wonderful technology of the free software, Skype and Zoom, many of my clients are now able to receive online Spanish classes from my classroom in Norfolk directly into the comfort of their own homes - regardless of their location!

Besides the current Covid restrictions, this is beneficial for students who don't live close to my classroom premises in Harleston or have disability issues etc. Therefore, location is no longer an obstacle if you want to either join one of my Skype or Zoom groups (between 2 and 8 students per group) or to have one to one Skype or Zoom classes.

It is still a very sociable way of learning with me.

Recently, due to the Corona virus epidemic, many of my face to face students have also started having online classes due to concerns over the spread of the virus. Having online Spanish classes has meant that most of my current students have been able to continue their courses with me and are really enjoying them.

What does an Online class offer?

Well, simply , online Spanish classes will give you exactly the same as a face to face class would. All my classes are 'Bespoke' and designed around the needs of my students. I can work with video, audio writing and all the usual tools that I usually use. You will be able to see and hear everything (as long as you set up your computer correctly - I can advise).

What do you need for an online Spanish class?

You will need a reasonable internet connection, a laptop/PC/Mac which has either a built in web-cam or a web-cam attached to your computer. The web-cam should have a built in microphone also. Most modern laptops and computers have these. You will also need speakers or headphones so that you can hear me clearly.

If you are interested then I can advise further by email or phone. Please email or call me for details.


Online Norfolk Spanish Classes
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